Titel: Vision of paradise GALERIE

Vision of Paradise GALLERY
by Ruth Juon and Evi Juon

Rütibohlstrasse 38
8135 Langnau am Albis

Opening hours
Wednesday 3–6 pm
or by appointment
In a permanent exhibition, here on the web and also in our Vision of Paradise GALLERY in Langnau am Albis, we show the Aquarelle Fine Art Print Pictures by Evi Juon, the Paradise Music by the Singer and Composer Ruth Juon and much more of our original Paradise Music Creations, such as CDs in bibliophile editions, Picture Books, Silk scarves, art Cards and Pinkvioletta's magic slippers. We are looking forward to your visit.

Aquarelle Fine Art Print Pictures by Evi Juon

I love the lively fine pen strokes and the spontaneous, immediate nature of the watercolor in pure, bright colors. I implement every subject with its image idea with a lot of care and effort until the specific archetype of the topic has been achieved. Once I've “captured” it, I rarely work on the subject a second time. Thus the respective subjects are unique. Many pictures were created for Ruth Juons song compositions. That is why there are some pictures with integrated lyrics.

Pictures for several people
My pictures, with their richness of details, full of stories about harmony and happiness, in the radiant colors of the rainbow, are wall decorations and beneficial energy donors at the same time. Ruth and I think it's nice when a theme can please several people. That is why we do not offer our pictures as originals, but only as watercolor fine art print pictures.

Unique processing
I scan the finished watercolor and prepare it on the screen so that the colors remain bright and pure in the print. I put the high-resolution, lightfast art print on a light forex plate. There are two distance wooden strips of the back of the picture. In this way, the picture can float like in front of the wall and its beautiful energy can flow unhindered into the whole room. But before it can float, I sign my work and finally give the picture an additional, invisible UV protection.

Selectable size
The digitalization of the watercolor also offers the advantage that the image size can be freely selected. The images can therefore be ideally adapted to the individual room conditions.

If you would like to buy a picture, please contact me.

Ruth Juons musical work

During a visit you can listen to all the CDs and enjoy the combination of music and pictures. We are happy to guide you through our gallery and give you interesting insights into our work.

YouTube channel

Or if you want to take an ear full on the web, please visit our YouTube channel.

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