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Art Exhibition «Paradise Song Pictures»

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Evi Juon and her Pictures in pure
bright colours

The pictures tell cheerful and inspiring stories from paradise. Evi Juon draws with specific line and a fine sense of humour her detail rich figures and paradise worlds, play round by light aquarelle colours.

Pure, bright aquarelle colours on white paper form Evi Juon's colour palette. It reminds on the clear colours of the rainbow, which arises from the white light and spread their harmonizing and refreshing colour energy in the whole room.

Aquarelle Fine Art Print Pictures

The finished Aquarelles get by Evi Juon scanned and colour tuned on screen to keep the colours in the print optimal pure and bright. The Fine Art Print is put on forex board. On the pictures back side are put two distance strips of wood. So the picture seems to float in front of the wall and spread out nicely it's refreshing energy. The finished Aquarell Fine Art Print Picture is hand signed by Evi Juon.

The Aquarell Fine Art Print Pictures can be varied in the size, what allows ideal proportions from the picture to the wall.

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