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CD «Ruth Juon sings the Tobias Frey Album»

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CD Cover: «Tobias Frey»
Atmospheric orchestra pop songs composed and arranged
by Tobias Frey.

 1 My way of life  Frey / Meier    
 2 Leaving home  Frey / Meier
 3 Gaze at the sky  Frey / Meier
 4 All the troubles   Frey / Meier
 5 Indecision  Frey / Meier / Otrin
 6 Shadows  Frey / Meier
 7 Waltz  Frey / Meier
 8 Care for me   Frey / Meier
 9 Twilight  Frey / Meier
10 Am I wrong  Frey / Allenspach
11 Fairytale  Frey / Allenspach
12 Indecision  Piano-Version   Frey / Meier / Otrin    

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Ruth Juon lead vocals
Tobias Frey keyboards, drums, percussion, programming,

André Desponds grand piano, Bill von Arx, Urs Güntensperger acoustic guitars, Thomas Fessler, Patrick Geser, Lior Yekutieli electric guitars,
Patrick Geser bass, Martin Lehmann, Janet Franks, Felix Keller
Marcel Allenspach, Tobias Frey, Ruth Juon backing vocals,
Mosfilm Orchestra conducted by Igor Kadomtsev Moskau

A Production of MusicVision/Vision of Paradise  1994/2000.

© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland