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«Der Landbote» Winterthur, Switzerland 5. Mai 2001
CD Review: «Swiss music of the classic and romantic period»
Classicism and Romanticism in Switzerland

Short lesson in Swiss music

by Herbert Büttiker
Picture CD cover «Swiss Music»

disposition of the composer – altogether a nice lesson in «Swiss music», with not even forty minutes unfortunately also a short one. The detailed and beautifully illustrated booklet with texts by Walter Labhart is all the more important.

Available at: Vision of paradise,
8135 Langnau am Albis, Switzerland, or:
   One can think of some names to the headword Classicism till late Romanticism in Switzerland but not much music is heard. The most famous names play a very little part in the concert life, less famous like Friedrich Niggli (1875–1959) and Hans Jelmoli (1877-1936) no part at all. Maybe one gets a first impression with a recently released CD called «Swiss music of the classic and romantic period» with a production of Swiss Radio DRS from the year 1982 and presents nothing but first recordings.

  The CD contains piano pieces by Xaver Schnyder von Wartensee (a scherzo as a veritable earwig) and the preludes op. 9 by Theodor Kirchner played by the pianist Markus Bachmann generously and with a great sense of romantical verve.

  Accompanied by him, the soprano Ruth Juon presents songs by Theodor Kirchner, Hermann Goetz, the Aargovian Friedrich Niggli and the long forgotten Zürichian Hans Jelmoli. At first her performance may seem somewhat timid, but nevertheless impresses through a naturalness which contibutes to the understanding of the text and above all in the dialect songs with texts by Josef Reinhart, Karl Stamm and Ernst Eschmann meet with unaffected sincerity the
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