Sihltaler 7 June 2007 -Translation
Langnau Evi and Ruth Juon give «Artconcert» in the Reformed Church
A small outing to paradise
Luck and dream in songs and pictures:
«Artconcert» is an original art composition of two sisters for young and old.

by Sylvia Senz

Would you like a little opera, a pinch of concert, a small lieder recital, together with an exhibition in cinema atmosphere? The sisters Ruth and Evi Juon invented something special for their «Artconcert», that takes place next Sunday in the Reformed Church in Langnau. Something that speaks to all senses and feeds the anticipated joy on the up coming holiday period: an airy, playful colour orgy for the eyes, songs and a story for the ears. It is a varied «life bow» for old and young, an outing to paradise on many ways. «It shall be a paradisical, cheerful, positive evening, but also gives food for thought», promise the two artists.

A picture book in large format

First the two sisters start with their small CD picture book «Vision of paradise» – this time in large format, projected on screen and with original singing. Soprano Ruth Juon gives the voice to the picture paradise, in which she stays. For that she composed and wrote lyrics to a 14 piece song cycle in different musical styles. Evi Juon is the «composer» of the light, floating and colourful water colour paintings, which again are composed of many individual scenes. With the pictures the audience starts off on the paradise journey. Then a story breaks the outing: The «Small picture and Speech Opera
Picture: Soprano Ruth Juon

Ruth Juon musically «paints» the event in front of the picture scenes of her sister Evi. (zvg)
Rabeschwarz und Pinkvioletta» – set to music by Ruth Juon – is also a picture book and comes from Evi Juon, which now changes place with her sister in front of the screen and narrates the «spoken song» of Pinkvioletta and her raven. In it, it goes about a sympatic, but discontented witch, which has lost the desire of doing magic. To overcome her inner emptiness, she first has to clear out her cottage. In the beginning it comes to all kinds of magic mishaps. Under it the raven has to suffer above all, and their are greedy opponents, which set against the fulfilment of the witch dream. But here more will not be betrayed. After the witch happy end the visitors continue their paradise journey.

Two artist careers

Ruth Juon studied classical voice at the Conservatory Zürich, Switzerland and pop and jazz in Boston (USA). Since then
she works as a freelance soprano, composer, lyricist and teaches solo voice. For «Vision of paradise» she sings barock, blues, a bossa nova or to salsa rhythms, depending on the spirit of the picture. Evi Juon did an appreticeship in graphic design and studied visual design at the University of Art and Design Zürich. Afterwards she opened her own studio. She works for different organizations and famous publishers. 1999 the two sisters Ruth Juon and Evi Juon found the publishing company «Vision of paradise». The two artists create and produce CDs, Picture books, Aquarelle Fine Art Prints, the Paradise picture wall clock as well as Art cards.

«Artconcert»: Sunday, 10 June, 8 pm, Reformed Church, Langnau. Friday, 15 June, 8 pm, Wasserkirche at the Limmatquai, Zürich. Further informations in the internet, see
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