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Langnau Ruth and Evi Juon make unusual Music-Picture-Creations

Found Paradise out

Ruth and Evi Juon bring about to unite texts, pictures and voice. This weekend they show their works in their home own

Philipp Kleiser
Pop at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, composed all songs on the CD. «The definitions of the terms for me have special vibrations. Then to compose the songs to it almost goes of itself», she explains her line of action. Most of the songs sound peaceful and sensual, also some fine Swing and Classic influences are hearable.

With sketches illustrated texts
Ruth Juon emphatically points to the booklet. There the definitions are written down and Evi Juon illustrated the texts with small sketches. The theses are also available in the pocket picture format, there illustrated with more pictures and drawings by Evi Juon. «Also for me all starts with the text» explains the painter and adds that she tries with the text to find a paradise world. Her productions impress through colourfulness and lots of detail descriptions. She cares for a «fluent» painting style assures Evi Juon, who studied after the apprenticeship in Graphic Design Visual Design at the University of Art and Design Zürich. Not only her actual pictures but also older aquarelle productions are shown at the Art Exhibition.

CD Opening Reception «Mind Suite - The Paradise Formula» and Paradise Art Exhibition: Saturday 8. November, 7-9 pm and Sunday 9. November 2-6 pm, «Vision of Paradise»-Gallery, Rütibohlstrasse 38, Langnau. More informations in the internet, please see
Two sisters connect two media. Ruth Juon writes songs and lyrics, Evi Juon paints pictures and drawings. And that to the same subject because «with our work we inspire one another.» This weekend the two show their works on the Opening Reception of the CD « Mind Suite - The Paradise Formula» and the Art Exhibition in the «Vision of Paradise» gallery.

Moments of luck observed
The subject Paradise inspires Ruth and Evi Juon since many years. For a commissioned work many years ago Ruth Juon chose the subject «Paradise on Earth». A motto that also inspired her sister Evi, because «what could be more fascinating for a painter than to create paradisiac pictures?» 1999 the two sisters found the publishing company «Vision of Paradise» and began to observe moments of luck in life and with intuition and fantasy searched for the paradisical ideal. We came to the conclusion, that Paradise is where Love is, unanimously explain Evi and Ruth Juon.
Since then they create and produce CDs, Picture Books, Aquarelle Fine Art Prints, the Paradise Picture Wall
The sisters Ruth (left) and Evi Juon in front of an aquarelle picture which shows the «Paradise on Earth.»
Clock as well as Art Cards. The CD «Mind Suite - The Paradise Formula» is now the newest work. «We concentrated ourselves on eight Paradise-Themes and articulated to it theses - definitions to the terms «Freedom», «Peace», «The Evil and the Good» or «Time out». Ruth Juon sings this texts on the CD. The artist, that studied classical voice at theConservatory Zürich, Switzerland as well as Jazz and

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Title: Art cards by Evi Juon
Pict: Post card «Lady Butterfly»
Pict: Art card «Flower greeting» Pict: Paccking card «Gingerbread»
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with writing pad
and luxurious envelope.
C5, 21 x 15 cm,
8.26 x 5.9 inches.
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Aquarelle subjects
as Post cards.
A6, 14.8 x 10.5 cm,
5.82 x 4.13 inches.
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Aquarelle subjects as packing cards with a fine silver cord.
5 x 7.5 cm,
1.96 x 2.95 inches.
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© Vision of paradise, Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland