In February 2016 Ruth Juon and Evi Juon win the
Los Angeles Akademia Award


«A unique and compelling combination of beautiful soprano vocal stylings and intriguing illustrations, «Aquarellsong Paradise» is a spellbinding viewing experience that your inner child will especially enjoy.»

The Akademia, Los Angeles

«…Luck and dream in songs and pictures:
«Artconcert» is an original art composition
for young and old.
Something that speaks to all senses:
An airy, playful colour orgy for the eyes,
songs and a story for the ears.
A varied «life bow», a picture book in large format,
an outing to paradise…»

Sylvia Senz, Der Sihltaler 2007

«…You encourage me in the confidence,
that if we maybe will not realize Paradise on Earth,
that yet through the tought of Paradise,
through the use of the whole personal scope,
as you write so nicely,
we still are able to raise the life quality
of many people!»

Samuel Schmid,
President of the Confederation of Switzerland 2005

«...Allow me to congratulate you on your efforts
to raise public awareness on issues related to
freedom and world peace
through your artistry.»

C. Momal-Vanian on behalf of the

Secretary-General Kofi Annan,
United Nations 2005

© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland