Title: Pocket Think tank
Cover « Pocket Think tank»
Pocket-Picture book
«Pocket Think tank»

Thoughts and pictures in German, with translations in English.
Colourful illustrated,
24 pages, 9.6 x 8 cm

CHF 38.00
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Pocket picture book with thoughts and pictures by Ruth Juon and Evi Juon to the themes:

Vision of Paradise Mind, Freedom, Peace, Free will,
The evil and the good, Time out, Transmutation, The goal is love.

All themes concentrate themselves on their inner essence and build together a system, a formula to paradise.
Evi Juon accompanies each theme with an aquarelle.

The Paradise Formula is released additionally to the Pocket Picture Book also set to music for soprano and orchestra as

CD « Mind Suite - The Paradise Formula».

© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland