New CD Pas de deux - Ruth Juon soprano and Eugen Cicero piano
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CD Pas de deux
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Ruth Juon and Eugen Cicero, Selftimer Video 1986

The two artists perform music from the Great American Songbook

 1 Easy to love  C. Porter
 2 But not for me  G. Gershwin
 3 The summer knows  M. Legrand
 4 Gavotte  M. Legrand
 5 What are you doing the rest of your life?  M. Legrand
 6 I will wait for you  M. Legrand
 7 The summer knows  M. Legrand
 8 Autumn leaves  J. Kosma
 9 Free  B. Lindenthal
10 The boy next door  R. Blane
11 Misty  E.Garner
12 Long ago and far away J. Kern
13 The man I love  G. Gershwin
14 Gebet Prayer  R. Juon
15 Misty  E.Garner
16 The boy next door  R. Blane

«Eugen Cicero once told me: «Do you know, the most beautiful instrument is and will always be the human voice.» And that was stated by someone who had reached perfection on his instrument and could express himself in all imaginable shades of sound.

   They found each other, delightful Ruth Juon and Eugen Cicero, and they have played music together - first at home, then in the studio and at concerts. This CD is a document of it.

    Human voice and piano - one does not actually need more. Here at least. And Eugen Cicero remains Eugen Cicero - unmistakable, even when he «submits» himself, a little. Who misses an orchestra here anyhow?

   On this CD the doublettes are especially charming - mainly because they are not. Because Eugen could hardly have been capable of it. A connoisseur will keep this CD in a favorite spot.»

Walter Depenheuer
Südwestrundfunk SWR Deutschland

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The Swiss Singer Ruth Juon met Eugen Cicero in Zürich, Switzerland in 1982. They played music together until Cicero‘s death in 1997. Their repertory contained mainly jazz standards out of the Great American Songbook, among others by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Michel Legrand.

    «Maybe just because Eugen was on his instrument so free and loved the human voice over all, he was for me as a singer such an ideal accompanist. When he started the Intro, I had the feeling as if he would unroll the red carped for me. I felt with him absolute safe. He was always here, heared everything, inspired me, but he also picked up my ideas, the inspiration skiped back and forth. Of course he went in his solos on adventures, and how!, but he always came back again on time.

    He hated too much vibrato. Even today when I'm singing, I hear him say to me: «Don't vibrate right away!» Sometimes he tryed to fool me with risky, unexpected harmonies, but of course he never succeded!! And he also safed me. If I had once for example at the end of a phrase not enough breath, he brought the melody bow to an end, as if it had to be so.

    For me Eugen Cicero was a genius, that with his total devotion to the music, with his richness of ideas and his wit played around and complemented my voice melody at the best. I miss him very much, because he was simply absolute marvellous!»

                  Ruth Juon

© Vision of Paradise, Music + Art Ruth Juon and Evi Juon, Switzerland